Lab updates

  • Funding for bio-inspired underwater robot
    Dr Lorenzo Garcia has secured $200,000 of funding in the latest round of the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge to develop a proof-of-concept, novel, bio-inspired, underwater robot that can contribute to the conservation of key ocean species.
  • Engineering better health
    Jointly headed by co-directors David White (pictured) and Catherine Crofts, the BioDesign Lab is a place of creativity and productive collaboration directly with industry partners.
  • Prosthetic fins for injured sea turtles
    Researchers from the BioDesign Lab have developed a prosthetic fin to rehabilitate injured sea turtles. To help injured turtles, PhD student Nick van der Geest and his supervisor Dr Lorenzo Garcia worked on four-dimensional turtle fin kinematics and the optimisation of the fin geometry to bio mimic the movement of a real fin.
  • BioDesign Lab delivers new solutions
    Bringing together researchers from different industries and specialisations to develop and apply new medical technologies and therapies is the focus for the BioDesign Lab – but it also plays a crucial role in introducing students to new research opportunities and ways of working.
  • Towards a new era of health research and patient empowerment
    “I’m not predicting that technology will replace health professionals, but it will augment them. Accurate information can help build the foundation of a true partnership in health and beyond that, optimal performance.”