Wearable health and human performance technology

We believe in creating a future of empowered health. We work collaboratively to develop and test technologies that will personalise and optimise healthcare and human performance, and greatly enhance our understanding of the human body in health and disease.

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  • Funding for bio-inspired underwater robot

    Funding for bio-inspired underwater robot

    Dr Lorenzo Garcia has secured $200,000 of funding in the latest round of the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge to develop a proof-of-concept, novel, bio-inspired, underwater robot that can contribute to the conservation of key ocean species.

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  • Engineering better health

    Engineering better health

    Jointly headed by co-directors David White (pictured) and Catherine Crofts, the BioDesign Lab is a place of creativity and productive collaboration directly with industry partners.

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  • Prosthetic fins for injured sea turtles

    Prosthetic fins for injured sea turtles

    Researchers from the BioDesign Lab have developed a prosthetic fin to rehabilitate injured sea turtles. To help injured turtles, PhD student Nick van der Geest and his supervisor Dr Lorenzo Garcia worked on four-dimensional turtle fin kinematics and the optimisation of the fin geometry to bio mimic the movement of a real fin.

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The BioDesign Lab engages researchers across research institutions and manufacturers. If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch to find out more about how we can collaborate.